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  • Added: 17/05/2022

  • Location: Vasundhara

  • City: 15, Sector 15 Ln, Sector 15, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012

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Dog boarding in Ghaziabad

You love your dogs and skip your events and outing just because of their care!

Hello! This is Divya, founder of  “dog._tales“, I am a professional dog trainer, running a small startup for dog boarding and training in Ghaziabad. We not only provide boarding and caring services to our clients but we also groom dogs to be at their best. I am offering dog boarding in Ghaziabad. Right now I have dog boarding from Vasundhara, Indirapuram, Vaishali and Kaushambi.

Our typical homestay package includes:
  1. Most importantly Love and care for your piece of heart
  2. Lots of activities to avoid any separation anxiety
  3. Green walks at least twice a day
  4. Home cooked meals to make sure they are fed well and as per their routine
  5. Realtime reporting of their status to the clients via online systems
  6. Medicine continuation, if required
  7. As dog behaviorists we groom them for non-personal spaces
  8. We have consultants on board who provide expert advice on any kind of pet-related issues or unwanted behavior
  9. We also make bond with them to understand their behavior better and the root causes for any impulses
  10. Dedicated 24×7 overseeing/supervision to make sure they are never unattended
Summary :

It’s an independent flat with a huge garden. Where they can run, play and socialize

  • Number of pets that will be watched at one time:  5
  • Accepted Pet Types: Dogs
  • Level of adult supervision: Pets will never be left unattended pets.
  • The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home : Free roam of the house
  • The place your pet will sleep at night : On my bed
  • The number of potty breaks provided per day : 3 to 4
  • The number of walks provided per day : 2
  • The type of home I stay in : Flat
  • My outdoor area size : Large

I am a dog lover and I love being around dogs. I feel more alive when I am around them. I love cuddling with them.. oh it’s such a good feeling.

It’s my home where my daughter and I live. we love the company of other furry friends. So you can rest assured that your loving pet will be safe and happy at ours.. we will keep them like our own.. in a homely atmosphere.. I love it.. dogs are my first love …. and I am happy that I can do something that I love and also earn some income with that

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