Ghaziabad Culture

Ghaziabad Culture

The people and culture of Ghaziabad observe the traditions and customs of the residents of the city. Ghaziabad is a prosperous Indian city and has a population of 968,521.

It is said that women comprise about 46% of the population of Ghaziabad, while males constitute 54% of the entire population. While talking about the residents of the city, it should also be mentioned that in Ghaziabad, 75% of the male population is literate, while the female literacy rate is around 63%.

It is believed that 14% of the entire population in Ghaziabad city, Uttar Pradesh is under the age of 6. The major industries in the city are electroplating, railway coaches, and diesel engines. Most of the people of Ghaziabad depend on these manufacturing items.

While passing through the people and culture of Ghaziabad, one can also learn about the rich cultural activities of the people of Ghaziabad. Music, dance, crafts mainly reflects the exquisite taste of the people of Ghaziabad. Traditional handicrafts are still in existence and occupy an important part of the Ghaziabad lifestyle.

Kathak is considered the most popular classical dance in Ghaziabad. Throughout the year, a series of festivals take place here. Navratri is indeed one of the most joyous festivals. Other major festivals in Ghaziabad include Holi and Diwali. Citizens in all regions show their cultural excellence.