Industrial Areas Of Ghaziabad

About Industrial Area

Industries in Ghaziabad are slowly coming back to normalcy, the Ghaziabad Industries Department has about 27,000 manufacturing factories, 1200 small-scale, 149 medium-scale and 45 heavy industries. This industrial sector employs 5.4 lakh workers, the pharmaceutical industry, automobile piston and ring industry, home furnishing industry, automotive fabric industry, fashion accessories, and steel ingots industry are some of the well-known industries of Ghaziabad. We will discuss some of the major manufacturing units in Ghaziabad. The most famous manufacturing unit of Ghaziabad is Engineering Goods which is famous all over the world. The region is known for manufacturing machinery parts in various capacities. Ghaziabad is world famous for manufacturing engineering goods. There are many engineering industries in the industrial city of Ghaziabad. There is a huge market for engineering goods as it houses a large number of automobile spare parts, sugar mills, machinery parts, lifts and furnishings manufacturing units. Ghaziabad is one of the largest supplier of engines of various capacities across the country. The region is known for manufacturing and exporting machinery parts and machines. Rolls, gears, shafts, steel tubes etc. are produced by various forging units present in the district.

Industrial Areas

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