Jain Asli Shikanji

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Jain asli Shikanji

Jain Asli Shikanji

Since 1937, The Jain Asli Shikanji, the patrimony of the Jain own family (formerly known as Jain Shikanji) has been at the forefront of the traditional Indian Shikanji. We’ve been serving humans for the past 83 years, and endeavour to be a treasured contributor to our community. Our Shikanji is made with the Freshest lemons and uses exceptional great masala which offers it, its Iconic scrumptious flavor.

We have begun our first outlet as Jain Shikanji in Modinagar and serving our Shikanji, made with loving interest and willpower, with the fine first-rate traditional jain shikanji masala. This struck an instant chord with the discerning residents of the neighborhood and right away at all, Jain Asli Shikanji, is a family call and it did no longer take long for this refreshing drink to grow to be preferred of travellers passing through Modinagar.

The credit score of bringing the actual flavor of “Jain Asli Shikanji” goes to our Great Grandparents who’s the founding father of this chain. From then we had been serving people with equal real taste from beyond 83 years.

Jain asli shikanji becomes your move-to refreshment on a hot day. As you’re taking a taste of shikanji made by Jain Shikanji Masala, you may not ever need to go back to a few other beverages. This midyear cooler is a definitive refreshment, made with both sugar and salt to help rehydrate as well as flavors to support flavors.

At Jain Asli Shikanji Modinagar, we distinctly regard the Quality and Taste of our Jain Asli Shikanji. Our Lively Lemon Beverages are precise and high-quality across Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut, Roorkee and some one of a kind Urban groups. Not solely are our rewards sound, but in addition they offer a most excellent alternative in comparison to ingesting over the conventional Enormous Names like Coke or Pepsi.

Taste our Tart Fiery Prepared Shikanjis and revel in flabbergast! We keep adding new recipes to the layout of pay we provide, so keep testing with us automatically to get our latest things! We’re diligently Learning and Adjusting to our consumer’s dispositions and capricious issues.

Jain Asli Shikanji is made with the Freshest lemons and makes use of first-rate masala which offers it, its Famous Scrumptious Taste. Through thorough scrupulousness, we’ve got kept up with our Shikanji’s Taste over a number of eighty three years and then a few.

Jain Asli Shikanji

Jain Asli Shikanji Modinagar