MK Seth-Mahesh Seth ITS

Mahesh Seth ITS | MK Seth

MK Seth-Mahesh Seth ITS
Name Mahesh Seth ( MK Seth )
Contact No.
Qualification B.Tech(Electronics & Communication Engineering),M.Tech I, MBA
Position Chief General Manager, BSNL, ALTTC Ghaziabad
Resi. Address Rani Jhansi Marg, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
Date of Birth 01-12-1960
Social Medial Links Mahesh Seth Facebook page  Asha Sharma Twitter account

Mr. Mahesh Seth ITS ( MK Seth ), Chief General Manager, BSNL, ALTTC Ghaziabad is a very popular person among Ghaziabad people. He is well known for his hardworking, management skills, helpful nature, and honesty. His passion, love and highly motivated teamwork towards an organisation has lead to an achievement of several milestones- highest tele-density, highest revenue per customer, instant on-demand services, new services like phone-on-phone,instant bill settlement, instant customer care even during night etc. He was sent for emergency operations in Bhuj.
Mahesh Seth ( MK Seth )has been awarded 1st ever Sanchar Vikas Ratna(RATNA OF DECADE) by Hon’ble Minister of Communications and Hon’ble Member(Production) in 1990-2000 for outstanding achievement even in most difficult condition.
Mahesh Seth ( MK Seth ) was special awarded by Secretary Telecom Shri Sam Pitoda to TDM Allahbad for outstanding arrangement in Mahakumbh Mela in 1989 for which he was in charge of Telecom Mahakumbh Mela and many more awards.

He was committed to make Circle/BSNL profitable in the shortest time frame by teaming up the manpower and network resources to provide high quality services in customer friendly manner, on demand at competitive prices.

Even at the age of 59 Years, Mr. Mahesh Seth Ji has many specializations in Enterprise Business, Human Resource Development, Disaster Management, 150 methods of meditation to gain more energy time and freshness, Yog Nidra, Motivation and Team building, Procurement and Material Management System for National Telecom Networks and overall co-ordination of organise of International Training Programme for APT and CTO countries and IPv6 and NGN Training and Certification.

Mahesh Seth MK Seth ITS, co-chairman with Chief Secretary in various committee in the state of Sikkim earlier. He was Motivator and Event Management.

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