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Best Primary School in Raj Nagar Extension | DIPS

Disha International Public School is one of the best primary school in Raj nagar extension. At Disha Intenational Public School, we believe in specific learning & styles which are individually & culturally suitable to every child.

We at DIPS is committed to offer a safe, nurturing and developmentally suitable learning surroundings for children. We strive to inculcate how to recognize and respect others which will grow to be our country’s future.

We recognize every toddler’s distinctiveness in gaining knowledge of styles and his/her tempo in intellectual and physical growth.

Our Staff focuses on every child’s wish and promotes his/her development by offering educational and age-suitable programs. We are proud to have made each toddler’s early training less expensive in addition to worthy for the future.

best primary school in raj nagar extension

Every day, we at Disha International Public School bring a balanced approach to gaining knowledge of, supplying you with the peace of mind that your child could have fun as he or she develops socially, emotionally, bodily, and intellectually.

There is a separate playground for the toddler-age institution so our children can explore, have interaction, socialize and feature fun in a secure environment.

Our play school campus gives programs for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and kindergarteners. All applications place heavy emphasis on tactile studying and additionally promote a cooperative mastering environment in which toddlers learn from one another. Our preschool children also enjoy more sports along with art, song, movement, and performances.

Our programs set children on a lifelong course of exploration, in a world, created especially for the coronary heart and thoughts of a young toddler. A child’s natural path to understanding follows the notions of curiosity and surprise.

Therefore, our classrooms are designed to provide a stimulating environment for children in which they will be exposed to first-rate and gross motor sports, speech and language development activities, pre-counting activities, and broadened socialization abilities. Our Pre-schoolers are given time to come to be fascinated by a concept and advocated to increase their potential at their personal pace.

Our teachers and staff come from diverse academic backgrounds, but they share the love for education, an enthusiasm for teaching, and a commitment to imparting a fine viable instructional experience to your child.

Best Primary School in Raj Nagar Extension


The Reasons DIPS Is Best Primary School in Raj Nagar Extension

Holistic Curriculum: At DIPS, extracurricular activities and academic rigor are balanced in the curriculum design. In order to provide students with a well-rounded education, the school places a strong emphasis on the development of cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills.

Highly qualified and experienced faculty members: DIPS’s instructors are committed to giving each student individual attention. Their creative teaching strategies make learning interesting and successful, improving students’ conceptual understanding and inspiring a love of learning.

Modern Facilities: DIPS has state-of-the-art facilities that include well-equipped classrooms, computer and science labs, a fully stocked library, and sports facilities. The setting of the school is secure, welcoming, and educational, which inspires students to pursue their interests and succeed in a variety of subjects.

Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities: DIPS provides a range of programs in the arts, music, dance, sports, and other areas because it recognizes the value of extracurricular activities in a child’s overall development. Students’ creativity, teamwork, and leadership abilities are strengthened by these exercises.

Individual Attention: Every child at DIPS is guaranteed to receive individual attention because of the student-teacher ratio. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified with the aid of this individualized approach, enabling the provision of specific support and direction.

Best Primary School in Raj Nagar Extension

Admissions Open

DIPS is the best primary school in Raj Nagar Extension if you’re looking for something that will prepare your child for a bright future. Parents are invited to visit the campus, get to know the faculty, and find out more about the educational opportunities offered by the school. Admissions are currently open.

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Best primary school in Raj Nagar Extension








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