Story of Raghuvansh

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Story of Raghuvansh

Story of Raghuvansh – All of us have heard the famous quote “Raghukul reet sada chali aayi, Pran jaye par vachan na jayi” So who was Raja Raghu and what made Suryawansh came to be known as Raghuvansh inspite of the fact that lord shri ram himself was born in the same clan, for that we will have to go back in geneaology of Bhagwan Ram.
Raghu was the great-grandfather of Shri Ram. they belonged to Suryavansh of Ikshvaku dynasty, but the greatness of Raghu wrote his name in golden letters in history in such a way that till date we know his dynasty as Raghuvansh. There are numerous stories depicting his greats.. we will share 3 important ones which have been documented and verified.
Raja Dileep was a famous King who was a worshipper of Vedas and is into Yagnas. He spent his life in protecting cows. Yagna being an important ritual or activity in the Hindu Dharma. Indra the Rain God and the leader of Gods was the only one to complete 100 Yagnas. The catch comes here, Raja Dileep completed 99 Yagnas and is all ready to complete his 100th Yagna. But Indra with a fear that he would lose his power to Raja Dileep plans to destroy the Yagna process. Raja Dileep’s wife gets to know this and informs it to child Raghu. …. To more about Raghu’s birth and his heroics and greats watch out…

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