When Hanuman broke Bali’s pride

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When Hanuman broke Bali’s pride

A very interesting tale about BALI and HANUMAN from Ramayan era, written by Tulsidas in his hanuman samwad poems would surely interest those who want to go beyond Ram Lakshman and Sita in order to know more about its other central characters.

Baali was the king of Kishkindha in  Ramayan. He was the elder brother of Sugreev and father of Angada.  He had received a golden garland as a boon from his father Indra because of which If Bali will fight anyone wearing that garland, his half power will be transferred to Bali just by looking in his eyes. This Garland had been blessed by Brahma Ji himself which made him invincible.

Due to this miraculous boon, Bali defeated many great warriors and asuras. When Ravan heard of these feats by Bali, he challenged him but to Ravans’ dismay, Bali overpowered him to the extent that he locked in his armpits and kept him as tis for 6 months.. in the end Ravan accepted his defeat and made friendship with him.

Bali had become very proud of his achievements and he was always boasting of his power.  Once Hanumanji was peacefully reciting Rama Rama in woods and doing tapasya when Bali came out of the blue  and started destroying trees ,killing wild animals, shouting and challenging anyone to fight with him. Hanumanji tried to ignore him but when it was unbearable ,he requested him to calm down. And said to Bali that he is the most powerful monkey king and  should stop behaving like an indisciplined child. He also suggested that he should worship Rama to gain peace of mind. On hearing this, Bali very disrespectfully said Bring your Ram I’ll crush him down under my feet.

This angered Hanumanji tremendously ,the sudden change in Hanumanji’s facial expressions was enough to change the climatic conditions of the world… to know what happened next watch out now…

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