Why Narad Muni cursed Shree Vishnu?

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Why Narad Muni cursed Shree Vishnu?

The devotees of Shree Ram always wonder that why even a God had to go through so much in his life like a common being in spite of being an avtar of vishnu. let us understand the reason behind it… although as we know, hoyi hai wahi jo ram rachi rakha.. which means all is planned by God only even the totures that god has to go through, thorough his Maya.

Narada was one of the greatest Bhaktas of Lord Vishnu. His penance and meditation was so strong that nothing perturbed his mind. But even he wasn’t above making blunders and falling prey to pride. Once, Narada Muni went to meditate in a special grove which Shiva had specially blessed. Well, Narada sat in the Tapovan unknowingly and started to meditate. But not knowing the real reason, He took great pride of the fact that he had conquered Kamadeva with respect to any kind of worldly desire. Lord Shiva warned him to keep it to himself and not to go around boasting about it. Narada took it for jealousy and boasted about his victory in front of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu wanted to humble his pride by using his power of illusion “maya.”

On his way back from the Vaikunta, Lord Narada stumbles upon this beautiful city and learns that the king there was planning to hold a swayamwara for his daughter, who was an ardent devotee of the shree Vishnu Narada was captivated by the beauty of the princess and seeks Lord Vishnu’s help in wooing the princess. He asks the Lord to give him the face of “Hari,” the face of the lord. So he can marry the princess. Vishnu ji plays a trick on him… to know the entire story watch out…



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