Why Sita had to face all hardships alone in her human avtar?

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Why Sita had to face all hardships alone in her human avtar?

A question that comes to an inquisitive soul’s mind is why Mata Sita inspite of being consort to Lord Vishnu had to suffer and face all hardships alone in her human avtar, Story starts with the childhood days of Sita. Once Sita was playing with her friends in the palace garden. Much to her surprise she saw two green parrots sitting on a tree and singing beautifully, not mere chirping of parrots, but singing Ramayana story as if somebody had taught them. She heard her name being associated with Rama. Out of curiosity to know more, she asked for capturing of those parrots. She asked them from where they heard the story they were singing. Parrots told her that they learnt it from Maharshi Valmiki himself because they stayed in the same forest. Sita told them that she is only the janak Nandini Sita about whom they were singing. She asked them many questions, and came to know that Rama is the son of Ayodhya King Dashratha and he would marry her after breaking the Shiva Dhanusha in a swayamvar. Thus, the parrots told her all that she wanted to know, but her questions seemed unending. And the couple wanted to go back. They sought her permission to leave. But Sita was too adamant and said that they will not be allowed to go until she gets married to Sri Rama. The male parrot requested saying that his wife is pregnant and they need to go back before it is much late. To know what happened next… WATCH NOW

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