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  • Added: 28/09/2022

  • Location: 130, Golyawas, Opp. Vedanta International School, 100 Feet, Patrakar Colony Rd, near Elantra housing colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

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Pragya Wellness and Meditation Centre Ghaziabad

Shri Chaitanya Guruji

Shri Chaitanya Guruji was born in Andhra Pradesh. Since childhood guruji was a very active observer and mindful, Guruji earned a lot of fame and wealth out of business. However a sense of emptiness prevails in his life even though there was abundance of corporeal pleasure. This sense of emptiness and yearning for completeness lead him to renounce all worldly associations and a journey of self-realization. Today Guruji is sharing his valuable knowledge and experience with the world that he has acquired . Programmes are being organized to share knowledge and wisdom. Millions of people have been benefited from his programmes. These programmes lead people to the path of spiritual awakening and ensured mental and physical wellbeing. Objective of these programmes is to transform human with pure heart, simple and peaceful life by awakening their inner consciousness. Guruji has a vision to lead families, society, nation and whole world to a  new direction . Guruji has firm belief that if we want to make society, nation and world a joyous and peaceful first we have to start from inner revolution. With the vision welfare of whole world,  Guruji started Chaitanya Jagran abhiyan(Conscious awareness campaign) . This campaign is being conducted since 25 years committed to serve humanity through Pragya Chaitanya Foundation Trust.

Pragya Wellness and meditation Centre vision is to elevate human energy from ordinary to extra ordinary with dynamic and holistic approach. For physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elevation we work on energy field, diet, naturopathy treatment and mental attitude of the person. Working on the root cause of the problem is the basis of the healthy being.

Pragya Wellness and Meditation Centre is a working unit of Pragya Chaitanya Foundation Trust. Presently it is working at Plot NO. 130, Goliyawas, opposite Vedanta Gyan International School, Prtrakar Colony 100 feet road, Mansarovar, Jaipur. The main objectives of the Centre are

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  • Pragya Wellness Program
  • Stress management
  • Advance Meditation Camp
  • Pragya Sadhna 10 Days

Pragya Wellness Therapy

Because of confusion and tension in our life, our adrenal glands are badly affected and to overcome this situation body system needs to produce more cortisol hormones to neutralize the effect on the organs affected. It is observed that this effect is the result of improper present lift style. A holistic wellness programme is tailored to heal your mind and body through several therapy.

  • Food Therapy
  • Scalar
  • Naturopathy
  • Biowell Test


Pragya Wellness center in Ghaziabad


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